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With nearly 30 years of experience, TUFFLEX POLYMERS has a proven track record of providing high-performance elastomeric surfacing solutions engineered to protect pedestrian, vehicular, buried membrane construction and specialty applications from varying levels of impact, abrasion and deterioration. Originally founded in 1985 to meet the demands of the ski resort industry, TUFFLEX’s product line has grown to encompass a wide variety of markets, including ship decking and any interior or exterior surfaces that require superior waterproofing protection.


Much like our name, TUFFLEX products provide the perfect combination of toughness and flexibility, providing resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, the extremes of thermal shock, and substrate expansion and contraction in addition to providing protection against the deteriorating affects of UV rays. These solvent-free, zero VOC, liquid-applied coatings can be used in new construction or to repair existing surfaces. Additionally, they cure rapidly, allowing for quick and easy installation.


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